Hospital Notes for Work

There are a number of reasons you may need a hospital note for work. If you’re not able to get hospital notes for work from an actual doctor, there are templates you can use to make doctor excuses.

If you actually are sick and aren’t able to get a doctor’s appointment or can’t find a physician that accepts your insurance plan, a doctor’s excuse template can definitely come in handy. If your boss is the type who won’t believe that you’re sick unless you bring in a note from a doctor, these online doctor excuses can help you avoid disciplinary action at work, and could even help you keep your job.

Of course, there are also some instances in which you need an online free doctors note because you need to handle an emergency away from work and you know your boss won’t understand. For instance, if your brother’s car gives out on him on his way to work and he calls you for help, you have to be able to get to him. If your supervisor is not the compassionate type, the only way that you may be able to get out of work to tend to your family situation would be to use a doctor’s note template. You can also get a note here:

You may also need doctor’s excuse templates to get out of going to class some days. You may be sick and not feel like going to the campus nurse. Or, let’s face it, you may need the doctor’s excuse after a night of partying. After all, who feels like being in class at 8 o’clock listening to a lecture when your head is pounding and you can barely keep your eyes open? To fix this problem, simply give your professor a hospital note and you’re off the hook.

One example of a super-real doctor’s note template that really works can be downloaded online. It can be used anytime as long as you can provide the date when it is intended to be used for and the kind of sickness you want to be excused for.

It may be best to have a few hospital notes on hand just in case of an emergency. If you need to get to the forms quickly, being able to deliver the forms to a professor or supervisor in a timely valid will make the doctor’s note more valid. According to time is of the essence in submitting these false excuses. The more accurate the timing, the more valid your excuse will be. print your own fake physician’s form at

Dr.'s notes form

handy tool – a doctor note template

To make sure you give a professional-looking doctor’s note to your teacher or boss, be sure to get a form that includes the nearest hospital or medical center’s logo. Be sure the form includes the date and time of your “doctor’s visit” as well as space to write down the nature of your ailment. Include the full address of the medical facility as well before turning your note in.